Live, Love, Learn and leave a lasting Legacy!

Make it all count

We have to learn all we can from everything that happens in our lives and act on that learning and share what we learn with others by HOW WE LIVE.

Even though the emptiness or pain tempts us to grab at anything (alcohol, drugs, sex, food, overworking) that will lower our anxiety by anesthetizing our ability to feel pain AS WELL AS PLEASURE; real healing comes from INTIMACY – the ability to be with what is no matter how hard.

As said by Oriah Mountain Dreamer in The Dance we forget that at the center of it all, there waits for us a sacred emptiness, a stillness that renews us and reminds us who and what we are. The fact that we every so often find ourselves aching for a time out or alone, is a testament to our deep knowledge that living with an awareness of this emptiness is a necessary part of living fully.

Therefore, find a way – A PRACTICE – that can take you to the emptiness and keep you there when you would rather run from what we fear it holds. Otherwise our lives become, not the graceful movement that dances awake who we are, but the stumbling sleepwalk or frantic running of those who are afraid because they have forgotten who and what they really are.



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