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Under the cape of superwoman

The last few weeks have flown like the wind in what has been the most intense time of my life. That explains why my answer to the all too common question of how work has been is always – I’m on 110%! And even though it’s just a figure of speech, I really do feel like I’ve been running on fuel beyond my production – The Grace of God as I know it best.

A few months back, I had some serious plans for my life – the type parents are usually proud of, but if the past few weeks are anything to go by then its time I really threw away my “box”. I still don’t have a full time paying job or concrete plans for the future; I certainly haven’t lost those blasted extra 15 pounds what with the flexibility of my schedule and the thought of my numerous ever increasing overdue membership subscriptions make me shudder in silent horror! Yet in throws of my largely financial woes (read I’m ashamed to still be depending on my mom) I managed to help organize 2 great events back to back under unbelievably dire circumstances and even successfully prepare for my 1st Toastmasters speech for which I won best speaker of the night.

Doesn’t seem too grand until I add the 2 hour nights followed by 5 hour painfully repetitive calls in my best happy pretend voice despite the curt rejections and even blatant ignoring – Ingredients for a fine a** aneurism. But beneath all that, I managed to realize that a big part of me successfully flailing through the murky waters of my life has to do with the influence of women I have come to regard as Uber Super!

One is a lady I like to call Madam President – usually because of her bossiness but mostly because of her ridiculously compassionate nature. I never met anyone so selfless, even to a fault. I’m usually the first to encourage her to look out for herself but end up having to eat my own words because Lady Karma definitely has her back. To whom much is given, much is expected. He profits most, who serves best!

Another, I figure is sitting on the deepest wells of passion and integrity. I always think I’ve seen it all and sometimes I think just to mock me, she takes me to a whole new level of inspiration. Very few have the courage to create a powerful vision for their lives and stand for what they truly desire even when circumstances dictate otherwise. How else do you expect to carry yourself into the life of your dreams? ImaGIne, BElieve, BEcome!

Not to sound cliché but even serial killers have a spot for their moms. And even thought it tickles me every time she says “shieve” instead of “sieve”, that woman has been my fortress! When I didn’t know it, need it or deserve it. That love has influenced support from the rest of my family – even if out of obligation – that I will be eternally grateful for.

So here I am, playing my part as the mostly faithful sidekick, even as the Director prepares a script with me as the lead – My own show! I have a few alter ego names in mind. Titles anyone?



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One thought on “Under the cape of superwoman

  1. Rosebell on said:

    Awesome read!

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