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A New Year! A New Level! Opening The Way For even more Good To Unfold

Thank you God for this right now moment of life and living.
I thank you for Your presence that is the truth of my being, coming forward in a new way, with a new light, expressing with greater brilliance in every aspect of my life.

Thank you for the goodness that is growing and flowing and being grounded in my mind, body, consciousness and life as a testimony of Your love for me, in me and as me.
I thank you God for the openings, opportunities and possibilities to be renewed in all aspects of my life.

I thank you God for the end, elimination and disintegration of all the beliefs, choices, conditionings, experiences, habits, ancestral contracts, generational covenants and false perceptions that have kept me small and playing a small game in my life, affairs and world.

I thank you God for enlarging the territory of my mind that I will think only the thoughts that you give me for the good you have ordained for me.
I thank you God that I am no longer willing or comfortable with just enough as Your loving presence opens me to allow myself to receive ALL the good that you have prepared for me.

I thank you God that where I have been can or will in no way block, delay, hinder, obstruct or deny the plans and path you have laid for where you would have me be.
I surrender to Your plan, Your purpose and Your will for my life as a living demonstration of Your love for me.

I am so grateful that all I need at any moment is a new thought, coming to me from the Mind of God to create, re-create and manifest the fullness of Truth, Joy, Peace, Love, Wisdom, Health, Wealth and Love in my life.

This is the moment, God, that I lift my eyes to you.
This is the moment, God, that I surrender my life to Your plan and purpose.
This is the moment, God, that the old becomes the new and the fulfillment of Your Perfecting Presence is realized.

I now ask for and open myself to receive the support and guidance of the Holy Spirit of your Presence to eliminate from my mind any and all disbelief, disobedience, discontent, distress and dis-ease.

I now ask for and open myself to receive correction and direction so that I will know, feel and experience my connection to the whole Spirit of your Presence.

I now ask and open myself to be delivered, freed from and forgiven for entertaining fear, anger, guilt, shame, resentment, bitterness, judgment and dishonesty, in all forms whether directed at myself or toward others.

I now ask and open myself to receive your love and Presence in all the places within me from which these dark energies have been removed.

I now ask that you lift the veil of littleness from my eyes so that your Spirit and Presence will become the Governor in the capital of my consciousness.

I rest in Thee knowing that because I ask placing my trust in you, it is already done and manifesting with clarity.

I can hardly wait to see, feel and experience the good as it unfolds in me, as me and through me.

I let it Be.
And So It Is Now All that I call Good and God.

Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant


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