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Kenya Decides – Presidential #Debate254

#Debate254 Presidential Debate

#Debate254 Presidential Debate

Kenya made history again by being the first African country to hold a presidential debate. I’ll be the first to admit that I expected nothing more than rehearsed answers and political jargon but was surprisingly delighted by the insight gained directly or otherwise on the character, knowledge and plans of our aspiring candidates. Needless to say, leaders truly are a reflection of their people.

Special thanks to  Hon Muite, who refused to back down and was able to clinch a spot on the podium for himself and Mwalimu Dida at the last minute seeing as they turned out to be the unlikely stars of the show. I was also thoroughly impressed by Martha Karua’s delivery and clarity of content. There’s something to be said about Wangari’s – but I digress. Not only was she coherent and well put together but what she shared made sense. I can only hope that the doubts of a woman’s ability to lead our country were at the very least shaken, if not stirred. Not forgetting the new faces that successfully carried their weight in worth – Peter Kenneth and Prof Ole Kiyapi. All great candidates, who have surely earned the right to vie for the top job. After all, I for one am tired of the same old people with the same old stories. It’s been said  – albeit for a few years now – that talk has gone on long enough. It’s time for change. The country is primed for purposeful projection into the wonderful future of economic growth and prosperity.  Let’s pray the masses see it so and in turn vote wisely.

Onto lighter matters, now that our teachers are likened to lactating cows, there might be hope for those still struggling with the all too familiar resolution to lose weight. How about you try the Dida Diet -1/3 maize and beans (githeri), 1/3 water and 1/3 air. You’d be surprised how popular the request has become at your local restaurant. #OnlyInKenya



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