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The Application of Compassion

Only when you have a healthy, honorable, affirming relationship with yourself can you have the same with others.  This relationship is the foundation of your ability to demonstrate and practice compassion. Only when you have truly mastered yourself and are able to strand in your sense of personal power can you be compassionate.

If this is not the truth of your being, your attempts to be compassionate will mean being too nice and you will become a doormat.  You will believe that you are being used.  You will feel put upon and eventually become resentful of all that you have done or are doing for others.

It is only from a sense of true and authentic personal power that you can give, support, share, and assist without feeling that you are losing anything.

When you are a powerful master of yourself you know that what you give is of the universal divine energy flowing through you.  It is not yours.  It belongs to life.

When a powerful person gives life, s/he knows they cannot be depleted.  Instead, they know they are being strengthened.

You must be strong in order to be compassionate.

A compassionate person:

  • understands what the other person is going through, rather than joining
    in with his/her suffering and fear
  • sees the lesson, the blessings and the victory at the end
  • stands strong with the other person
  • supports the other through the acceptance of the situation
  • knows with the other person, for the other, and when necessary in spite
    of the other, that all things work together for the good
  • holds the vision
Adapted from One Day My Soul Just Opened Up  

Iyanla Vanzant


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