Live, Love, Learn and leave a lasting Legacy!

Pressure makes diamonds

Pressure makes diamonds

Having recently started my own business, Iife has been feeling hard lately.  It’s been one of those periods with too many hard decisions and demands on my time and attention. Sometimes it feels like I don’t have enough fuel in the tank to go the distance.

Even though I may look like I’ve got it under control on the outside, I sometimes feel unclear and unmotivated on the inside. And the pressure to always act as if life is going smooth doesn’t make things easier. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy and grateful but I also know that both the hard stuff and the good stuff of life can co-exist in the same moment.  I am grateful for the chance to provide solutions to clients I serve in my business, while at the same time feel frustrated about having to handling objections that might hinder me from closing a sale.

Are you struggling with some challenges that are weighing heavy on your heart or consuming big amounts of energy and focus? Here are some strategies to keep you on track the next time you hit a hard patch.


Daily success rituals – Daily affirmations to focus on your values and goals

Mindset Motivation – Lifelong learning to keep you focused and on track. Green is growing, ripe is rotten!

Massive Action – Schedule the big rocks in your life and give priority to income producing activities for results.


Take action and win a gift! Like and share on my Facebook page your answers to the questions below and the first 10 to respond will get an invite to a presentation by my millionaire mentor.

  1. What are your biggest problems right now? What are you struggling with?
  2. What solutions have you tried? What’s worked, and what hasn’t?


Got questions? Use #AskLifesatori via @evemwaniki on twitter and you could be featured in my next post.



Live, love, learn & leave a lasting legacy!


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