Live, Love, Learn and leave a lasting Legacy!

Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you’ll be….

Iron sharpens iron

Napoleon Hill came to believe that a Master Mind was not only the key to Dale Carnegie’s success, but the secret to the success of all great men, the “very foundation stone of all outstanding personal achievements.

Accelerate your success with with the #SUCCESSEXPRESS MASTERMIND – A weekly session of like-minded individuals with the common purpose to contribute to each others’ success, in a spirit of harmony, partnership and reciprocity. Consider this your own personal Board of Directors who wholeheartedly share their experience, give advice, expertise and knowledge to further your success.

10 reasons to join a mastermind:

1. Raise your productivity and income.
2. Leverage the wisdom and real-world experience of other business owners & experts.
3. Provide creative ideas for improving your business.
4. Give and get support and encouragement from within a group of your peers.
5. Inspire yourself and others to reach new heights as a result of others’ success.
6. Provide a networking source of great contacts, referrals, and connections.
7. Share your experience and contribute to other’s success.
8. Monitor your progress and accountability.
9. Provide a forum to reflect on your  results and strategies.
10 A great place to air your ideas and plans and get feedback.

Who you spend your time with is critical, because their energy is constantly affecting you. Life is short! Make sure everyone you devote time to energizes you and inspires you to be your best.

On the flip side, your energy – thoughts, words & actions – create a giant ripple effect to the people around you. What kind of ripple effect are you creating? What effect do you have on others?

Your friend


Live, love, learn & leave a lasting legacy!


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