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Cultivate relationships that bring you closer to the success you crave

Going far

I started my business a few months back straight from a class – Harness Your Brilliance – run by one of my mentors. Apart from dealing with friends outside the entrepreneurial world who don’t understand what you do and my family just wishing I’d get a real job, I also often felt like my struggle for independence was turning into suffering through lonliness.

Couple that with fear of failure, the impostor complex, and not knowing where to find paying clients, I was left with a forebording of impending failure.

What got me through was a wonderful group of like-minded entreprenuers who walked with me through the struggles of starting up.

I now believe we should be actively cultivating relationships that bring us closer to the success we crave. And as a connector, I put an extremely high value in creating communities of value so that we can learn from our experiences and put them to good use building the world we want to live in.

Have you been in a similar position or know someone who has? We’d love to hear from you as would the members of my Success Express Mastermind. Sharing is caring…..

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3 thoughts on “Cultivate relationships that bring you closer to the success you crave

  1. Lovely and insightful read. I am not an entrepreneur (yet) but I am team entrepreneur all the way and I am always rooting for you! Our social networks do not have to be the people who are most like us, they can also be the people who bring positive energy into our lives and who by their own actions illuminate the world around them.

  2. Lovely and insightful read. I am not an entrepreneur (yet) but I am team entrepreneurs all the way! And am rooting for you as well. It’s good to build social capital outside of people who are like us as well. Surround yourself with visionary people, people with positive energy and people whose actions & beliefs illuminate the world around them.

  3. Patrick on said:

    Great stuff Wangari

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