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Millionaires in the making – An ode to business owners

Don't quit

Business is the most creative and challenging pursuit in which one can engage. It is also downright fun – if done right – Michael Gerber (E-myth Revisited)

Going into business might not be for everybody but those who do find that there is a lot more to be done than meets the eye. Even with the best of luck, contacts, support and opportunity, there is lots of hard work that needs to be done. It’s not always easy but certainly worth it once you’ve got your A game and are ready to see it through.

In the last 6 months in business, I have learnt some great lessons – even if the hard way.  These lessons have already made me rich in wisdom, knowledge, friendships and soon enough, my bank account as well J

Every day is filled with new opportunity so prepare for your victory. Plant every action with care and prayer if you want a vast harvest of healthy crop. The sequential chain of events called growth will bring forth the fruits of the seeds – Rev. Joe Hill

Yours in wealth, W***


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