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Setting the day for success


I’ve had more or less the same routine for the last year or so and one thing I’ve noticed is the difference between when I follow it and when I don’t. The difference determines whether it’s going to be a good or GREAT day and is now a confirmation of how important it is to set your intentions for the day.

I start with quiet time reading my bible and praying then move to my affirmations before I quickly review my goals for the year. I’m not big on working out but I take a 30 min walk as I focus on my top 3-5 goals for the day then I’m good to go.

I still struggle to not check my phone or email before getting my main work for the day done but I’m getting there. The fact remains that starting right always sets the pace for the rest of the day but thank God we get a do over every 24 hours….

What’s your daily success plan?




I’m a big fan of Natalie Sisson who is all about freedom in life and business. I’m taking part in her 15 Day Blog Challenge that started yesterday to set the stage for my writing goals this year.  Feel free to join the party.


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