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Meditation is to the mind what aerobic exercise is to the body.

A quintessential training of attention. Getting better control of your attention is the foundation of changing your brain, and thus your life, for the better.

Some benefits:

  • Lifts mood
  • Promotes learning
  • Reduces age-related diseases
  • Supports the executive functions, self-control, and guiding attention

The best meditation of all is . . . the one you will do. So find what you like and will stick with.Relax. Rest. Come into a sense of presence with yourself. Know whether you are meditating in relationship to something transcendental (such as in prayer) or find something to anchor attention, such as the sensations of breathing, a word or phrase (e.g., “peace”), or an image. Use an anchor that is stimulating enough to keep yourself present; feel free to do walking meditation or use an audio program to guide you. Meditating with others can also help you stay focused.

Start by giving attention fully to the anchor, letting go of everything else. Center in it, becoming absorbed in it, even for just a few breaths or few minutes.

Then, with an ongoing awareness of your anchor, let your attention widen to include your body . . . thoughts . . . feelings . . . wants . . . and overall mental atmosphere. You’re not trying to make your mind blank. Let things come and go, just don’t jump on board of them. Without stress or strain, gently open to relaxing and quieting, and to an increasingly stable presence as experiencing, being a body breathing in peace.

Meditate for as long as you like. Even one minute is good – and ten, twenty, or even forty-five minutes could be even better.

Adapted from Rick Hanson, Ph.D., neuropsychologist, author of Just One Thing (JOT) – a free newsletter that suggests a simple practice each week for more joy, more fulfilling relationships, and more peace of mind.


Put your best face forward

I’m no expert on skincare products but I’ve found myself looking lots into the best and easiest way to keep my face fresh and glowing. Especially now that I can no longer rely on the regeneration of youth.

I have Youtube to thank- with a host of natural DIY skin care products and routines. My favorite and with visible results has been from AfricanExport (great makeup tutorials as well). Only difference is that I add some essential tea tree oil to prevent blackheads.

My face care routine now consists of a 3 step – 1. Cleanse, 2. Tone and 3. Moisturize with Oil of Olay (essentials complete care) in the morning and the oil cleanse in the evening. So far, so good……



On the go… #FreshFridays

Preparation for the Standard Chartered Marathon is well underway. Join my support group on facebook

Good thing is that getting fit also means going healthy and thanks to tumblr I’ve manged to get some pretty inspiring and informing stuff.

Now I’m reminded to focus the non-scale victories coz I really do feel GREAT!


And so it begins…. #sweetlocs – literally (honey & aloe vera) #teamlocs #FreshFridays

My locs – 10days old

Loc luv #FreshFridays

What with my insistent pursuit with all things natural, I kind of hit a road block when I realized that my twa (teeny weeeny afro) did nothing but remind me of my super receding hairline. But since I am determined to see this through been considering locs instead; after all, I’m always in braids – how different could it be?

My Options?
Start out with a two strand twist
Cleanse with natural lavender & tea tree soap
Tighten with lemon & sea salt water mix
Retwist with aloevera & tea tree oil
Moisturize with (water,olive oil, castor oil & marula oil) mix

…..and hopefully they’ll turn out like this:


DIY Natural Belle

I’ve only been dipping my big toe into the world of all things natural, as I seriously contemplate crossing over. Here’s some recipes I’m trying out as I SLOWLY but surely transition!

*Extra virgin olive oil
My moms recently did a pilgrimage to Israel and came back with bucket loads.

Been mixing my olive oil with castor oil to do an oil cleanse every evening. Works really well to remove dirt, make up and help rid you of pimples and dark spots.

Thanks to youtube, got a good recipe on hair moisturizer thats good for dandruffy hair as well – olive oil (EVOO), castor oil (COO), water, leave-in conditioner & essential oils (I like tea tree & lavender)

*Face mask
Equal parts natural yogurt (mala) & honey. Leaves your skin feeling as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

*Nappy Naturista
Did my big chop (BC) in February 2012. Keeping my beloved 4c kinks in braids for it to grow to at least 4 inches before I start my locs with two strand twists. Pics soon….

Look what else I found…


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