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Is this love that I’m feeling?



Love is an act of faith, not an exchange. However, when it does draw near, we fear what it might say to us, because Love is free and is not ruled by our will or by what we do. (Manuscript found in Accra – Paulo Coelho)

Yet we are quick to forget everything we were taught about Love; each encounter so different and bringing with it its own agonies and ecstasies. Consider nature – a manifestation of the Love of God. Regardless of what we do, nature continues to love us. Let us, therefore, respect and understand what nature teaches us. For small creatures like we, the vastness is bearable only through love – Words from Sagan quoted by Joe Hanson in a video about determining the odds of finding life and love.


Studies prove “opposites attract”……. #NOT!!!

via thewhole-hearted: Studies proves “opposite attract” is pretty false and we’re actually attracted to similarity. However I think so often we love the “us” we see in others and not so much their uniqueness. Time to counteract that, cue this quote.

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A friend Indeed

To have and to hold

To love and to grow

To watch and behold

To trust and to know

That ours is a gift from God

For I did not earn or become

Learn or discern

Prove or deserve

This friendship that holds me, grows me and reminds me

How wonderful, real and true life really is

Surely He has intended that goodness and grace shall follow me

Never in strife … All of the days of my life!


Don’t Get Married If….

fearless thoughts scripted...

today, i am appreciating the work of another author, this was a great piece, a must read, a fresh reasonable outlook … i loved it. what do you, dear readers think?
If you’re not ready to delay gratification when your are angry. To hold your tongue, lower your voice and sometimes wait till the appropriate time, day or even month before you can deal with an issue thoroughly…. don’t get married. Immaturity is the inability to delay gratification. Marriage is for the mature.

If you’re not ready to leave center stage and allow someone else to become your focus, your study, your muses… don’t get married. Selfish people make very bad spouses. In marriage you don’t lose yourself but your heart has to be big enough to gain someone else. And soon, with God’s blessing: little, crying, diaper soiling, demanding little ones are coming!

If you are not ready…

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The business of love – #FindersKeepers.

Good companionship is built on more than compatible interests; Its also based on complimentary strengths. You could be taking care of people all the time by giving them your respect, consideration and positive regard. It is the way we make people feel that ultimately determines the longevity and quality of our relationships. Everyone is different. You are special. You cannot be all things to all people nor should you want to be.

Lessons from Pastor Muriithi at Mavuno Church
– Instead of looking for the one, BE THE ONE!
– Deal breakers: Don’t major on the minors,focus on the essentials – ONE LEADER, ONE LOVE!
– Avoid buyer’s remorse; SOCIALIZE BEFORE YOU SPECIALIZE! Instant intimacy leads to disappointment; rather build a foundation of friendship.
– FALSE INTIMACY DESTROYS REAL INTIMACY. Don’t fall for the lie that is friends with benefits. Sex isn’t an uncontrollable impulse or a way to get to know each other.


The purpose of relationships is to cultivate our own true nature and support others in finding theirs – Henry Grayson.

Ego based love creates an illusionary armor that suffocates and cuts us off. The self obsessed me that renders us so unspeakably lonely, stripped of the feelings of belonging and connection. The irony is that first we imagine our separation from others, then we spend our precious lives trying and failing to bridge this false divide.

Instead of the doomed attempt to ‘complete’ ourselves through another person (the ego being chronically hungry & unworthy) spiritual relationships hinge on the knowledge that we are all whole. We forget that we are already this wholeness, this love that we seek outside ourselves. We share the same last name, GOD!

Infatuation, the need to control, confusing love with worry, ensnaring someone as special, demanding that love be earned, trying to change anothers behavior, becoming addicted to someones presence, wanting to punish others for disappointment and ultimately the fear of losing someone or yourself – these are signs that ego rather than heart are driving a relationship.

By learning to navigate our mental terrain through the commitment to practicing self awareness, we’re better able to chose how we think about the world around us. Realize that we underestimate our capacity to love. Love never hurts. Its nearly always our interpretation of what happened that causes pain.

The purpose of relationships is to cultivate our own true nature and support others in finding theirs – MINDFUL LOVING! (Henry Grayson)

Why are you in my life?

My relationships are a true reflection of me. They reveal to us the things we do and the effects they have in ourselves and others. So before you get busy trying to fix a person or remedy the situation, instead ask – Why are you in my life? What am I doing to draw this in my life? Because when you cleanse, heal and bring yourself into balance, everyone in your life will do the same or disappear.

Acts of faith – Iyanla Vanzant

Love is Me!

Love is crazy?!
Risking my heart for the carnage of heartbreak;
Learning to love beyond my ego.

Love is foolish?!
Jumping the falls of emotion only to crash in turmoil;
Opening my heart to the ocean of life.

Love is painful?!
Scarred with the darkness of betrayal;
Yet still I choose to forgive, to love again.

Love is brave – wise – strong! Love is me!


For the hopeless romantics….Celestial love

Do I exist for my own personal happiness? No, my whole existence is devoted to her. And by what right should I have dared to aspire to her love? What does it matter, so that it does not injure her happiness? My duty is to keep close to her steps, to surround her existence with mine, to serve her as a barrier against all dangers; to offer my head as a stepping stone, to place myself unceasingly between her and all sorrows, without claiming reward, without expecting recompense….Alas! If she only allow me to give my life to anticipating her every desire, all her caprices; if she but permit me to kiss with respect her adored footprints; if she but consent to lean upon me on times amidst the difficulties of life!

Victor Hugo (French poet) about Adele Foucher – the woman he loved.

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