Live, Love, Learn and leave a lasting Legacy!

Millionaires in the making – An ode to business owners

Don't quit

Business is the most creative and challenging pursuit in which one can engage. It is also downright fun – if done right – Michael Gerber (E-myth Revisited)

Going into business might not be for everybody but those who do find that there is a lot more to be done than meets the eye. Even with the best of luck, contacts, support and opportunity, there is lots of hard work that needs to be done. It’s not always easy but certainly worth it once you’ve got your A game and are ready to see it through.

In the last 6 months in business, I have learnt some great lessons – even if the hard way.  These lessons have already made me rich in wisdom, knowledge, friendships and soon enough, my bank account as well J

Every day is filled with new opportunity so prepare for your victory. Plant every action with care and prayer if you want a vast harvest of healthy crop. The sequential chain of events called growth will bring forth the fruits of the seeds – Rev. Joe Hill

Yours in wealth, W***

Gold medals & silver linings

gold medal

There goes another hour, day, week, month, year and before you know it – an entire lifetime has gone and what do you have to show for it?

Some might say wealth or recognition but consider this; is it the things that you achieve that show your success or is the impact they have in your life? There are those who would deem themselves successful on very different terms – health, rich relationships and impeccable character. That’s because, our goals are a means and not and not an end in themselves. Wealth might mean a fat bank account or supportive family.  Recognition can be public or even just a word of appreciation for work well done.  And most unexpectedly are the perceived failures that are now great lessons learned.

So as you come to the close of the year and review your successes, don’t just applaud the goals you achieved but look at their impact on your life and those around you.

Here’s to success in everything!

Are you getting what you want from life?


As much as I’d like to wake up and find that some magic fairy has changed everything and I suddenly start getting what I want from life, the laws of the universe are set so that specific actions are required in order to gain certain outcomes.

There are some steps that you can take which will quickly increase your chances

  1. Don’t be bitter, get better

Take responsibility for change rather than being bitter or jealous towards those who are getting better results. You can choose to learn from them. Study their behavior or ask them what they do to get the results that you desire and implement it.

  1. Stay focused

Focus on and taking small, consistent steps towards your goal to make getting what you want from life less overwhelming. Learn to deal with setbacks effectively and believe in your ability to solve problems and you’ll be well on your way to Superstar status. Every do has its day!

  1. Take massive action

Good intentions are worthless unless you get up and take action. When you take action you become clearer about what you want and more motivated to make it happen. The cure for fear, uncertainty and doubt is ACTION.

  1. Be grateful

Being grateful allows you to see and appreciate all the opportunities that life has to offer. Positive people were better able to see opportunities to improve their situation. It’s not just the destinations that counts but enjoying the journey through positivity & gratitude makes it that much more wonderful.

There is nothing wrong with getting what you want from life. While it is pleasant to sit back and dream of a better life, dreaming alone is not a successful strategy. You need to develop the right mindset and take action.

Here’s to a life well lived.

Finding your way back to what matters most


I’ve always been drawn to the sankofa sign – A beautiful reminder to learn from the past to find your way back to what matters. And because I often and even easily lose my way, I understand the importance of having the right map – a proverbial flashlight if you will to get me through the dark tunnels that I have a troubling affinity for. Thank God that you teach best when you most need to learn!

For me, that map is reading. Books paint a picture for me that my selfish impatient and shortsighted (read millennial) self is yet to learn.

The culture we have today does not make people feel good about themselves. And because we are so hungry for love, it’s easy to buy into the culture and gobble up the substitutes it offers us – money, cars, parties, shopping… Consider creating your own culture. For me that’s a cocoon of conversation, interaction and affection because living with love requires compassion, responsibility and presence – not just for others but also for me.

Are you tired of clinging to the rocks at the bottom of the sea from fear of being carried away by the current? Letting go might mean getting crashed against the rocks at first but eventually we are lifted with the tide – bruised but hurting no more.  That is when we realize that the sea delights to lift us if only we dare to let go.

It is in the path of our happiness that we shall find the learning for which we have chosen this lifetime.

Musings from my current reads – Tuesday’s with Morrie & Illusions – The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

Life as I know it


Life for me seems to be a series of lessons – new learning, relearning and unlearning. It’s easy to get lost in the busyness of everyday as we build the life of our dreams so remember to make time to make sure your moving in the right direction.

Here’s a wonderful acronym I got from called L.I.F.E. whose principles make sure my life and business work for me instead of the other way around.

L – Lifestyle – Run a location independent business so that I can travel and experience more.

I – Impact – I want to mentor millennials to find what they love and a way to live it.

F – Financial Freedom – Create multigenerational wealth for me and my family.

E – Effort – Do the best I can, where I am with what I have.

Summarized as always – Live, love, learn & leave a lasting legacy!

Champions are made daily!

It’s my birthday in a couple of days and I can’t help but reflect. Years come and go but what remains are the memories of a life – hopefully – well lived that can serve others through stories of strength, happiness and great lessons learnt. Here’s hoping that we all have something to celebrate as we strive to learn to live with love and leave a lasting legacy because the daily grind can otherwise often deceive us.


How to develop mental toughness

Here’s to winning!


7 Success Lessons from the bamboo

In Japan, the symbolism of the bamboo plant runs deep and wide and offers practical lessons for life and for work.


(1) Bend but don’t break. Be flexible yet firmly rooted

Bamboo bodies are hard and firm and yet sway gently in the breeze while their trunks stay rooted firmly in the ground below. Even the strongest wind tires itself out, but the bamboo remains standing tall and still. A bend-but-don’t-break or go-with-the-natural-flow attitude is one of the secrets for success when dealing with the everyday drama of life.

(2) What looks weak is strong

The bamboo may not look impressive at first sight at all. But the plants endure cold winters and extremely hot summers and are sometimes the only trees left standing in the aftermath of a typhoon. It is not as fragile as it may appear, not by a long shot. We must be careful not to underestimate others or ourselves based only on old notions of what is weak and what is strong. Stand tall, believe in your own strengths, and know that you are as strong as you need to be.

(3) Always be ready

Unlike other types of wood which take a good deal of processing and finishing, bamboo needs little of that. A great Aikido master said “The warrior, like bamboo, is ever ready for action.” Through training and practice, we can develop in our own way a state of being ever ready.

(4) Unleash your power to spring back

Bamboo is a symbol of good luck and one of the symbols of the New Year celebrations in Japan. The important image of snow-covered bamboo represents the ability to spring back after experiencing adversity. In winter the heavy snow bends the bamboo back and back until one day the snow becomes too heavy, begins to fall, and the bamboo snaps back up tall again, brushing aside all the snow. The bamboo endured the heavy burden of the snow, but in the end it had to power to spring back as if to say “I will not be defeated.”

(5) Find wisdom in emptiness

It is said that in order to learn, the first step is to empty ourselves of our preconceived notions. One cannot fill a cup which is already full. The hollow insides of the bamboo remind us that we are often too full of ourselves and our own conclusions; we have no space for anything else. In order to receive knowledge and wisdom from both nature and people, we have to be open to that which is new and different. When you empty your mind of your prejudices and pride and fear, you become open to the possibilities.

(6) Express usefulness through simplicity

“The bamboo in its simplicity expresses its usefulness. Man should do the same.” Indeed, we spend a lot of our time trying to show how smart we are, perhaps to convince others — and ourselves — that we are worthy of their attention and praise. Life and work are complicated enough without our interjecting the superfluous. If we could lose our fear, perhaps we could be more creative and find simpler solutions to even complex problems that ultimately provide the greatest usefulness for our audiences and customers.

(7) Commit to continuous growth

Bamboo trees are among the fastest-growing plants in the world. It does not matter who you are — or where you are — today, you have amazing potential for growth. Even though the bamboo grows quite rapidly, you will not notice its growth from day to day. We too, even when we are making progress, may not notice our own improvement. Do not be discouraged by what you perceive as your lack of growth or improvement. If you have not given up, then you are growing, you just may not see it until much later.

Got questions? Use #AskLifesatori via @evemwaniki on twitter and you could be featured in my next post.


Live, love, learn & leave a lasting legacy!

P.S. CLICK HERE to find out more about my collaborative mastermind event that’s geared to help you find what you love and a way to live it.

Cultivate relationships that bring you closer to the success you crave

Going far

I started my business a few months back straight from a class – Harness Your Brilliance – run by one of my mentors. Apart from dealing with friends outside the entrepreneurial world who don’t understand what you do and my family just wishing I’d get a real job, I also often felt like my struggle for independence was turning into suffering through lonliness.

Couple that with fear of failure, the impostor complex, and not knowing where to find paying clients, I was left with a forebording of impending failure.

What got me through was a wonderful group of like-minded entreprenuers who walked with me through the struggles of starting up.

I now believe we should be actively cultivating relationships that bring us closer to the success we crave. And as a connector, I put an extremely high value in creating communities of value so that we can learn from our experiences and put them to good use building the world we want to live in.

Have you been in a similar position or know someone who has? We’d love to hear from you as would the members of my Success Express Mastermind. Sharing is caring…..

Your friend in need,


Join the Success Express Mastermind

Going for Success

A mastermind group is a group of people who help each other with brainstorming, ideas, support, and accountability.  The goal is to have people with a similar set of goals help push each other forward.

If you’re in the online or offline business space, or looking to start something whether full time or as a side hustle; here’s your chance to get a great network of peers to help push you forward.

This weekly exclusive event covers topics related to the next generation of leaders. More specifically the fundamental shifts we Millennials (Generation Y) are causing in the areas of lifestyle design and leadership. An ever expanding resource to learn about next generation tools, trends and tactics that can serve as your catalyst for success.

Weekly conversations about:

  • Selecting your niche
  • Moving from ideas to invoices
  • Tools, tips & tricks to leverage & optimise for success
  • Guest speakers with experience and advice to learn from

Send your name & number to for registration details. This event is only available to people living in the Nairobi area.

Yours in Success,


Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you’ll be….

Iron sharpens iron

Napoleon Hill came to believe that a Master Mind was not only the key to Dale Carnegie’s success, but the secret to the success of all great men, the “very foundation stone of all outstanding personal achievements.

Accelerate your success with with the #SUCCESSEXPRESS MASTERMIND – A weekly session of like-minded individuals with the common purpose to contribute to each others’ success, in a spirit of harmony, partnership and reciprocity. Consider this your own personal Board of Directors who wholeheartedly share their experience, give advice, expertise and knowledge to further your success.

10 reasons to join a mastermind:

1. Raise your productivity and income.
2. Leverage the wisdom and real-world experience of other business owners & experts.
3. Provide creative ideas for improving your business.
4. Give and get support and encouragement from within a group of your peers.
5. Inspire yourself and others to reach new heights as a result of others’ success.
6. Provide a networking source of great contacts, referrals, and connections.
7. Share your experience and contribute to other’s success.
8. Monitor your progress and accountability.
9. Provide a forum to reflect on your  results and strategies.
10 A great place to air your ideas and plans and get feedback.

Who you spend your time with is critical, because their energy is constantly affecting you. Life is short! Make sure everyone you devote time to energizes you and inspires you to be your best.

On the flip side, your energy – thoughts, words & actions – create a giant ripple effect to the people around you. What kind of ripple effect are you creating? What effect do you have on others?

Your friend


Live, love, learn & leave a lasting legacy!

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